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About us

Are you looking for a unique shisha bar in Prague?
Or for a relaxed place where you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail?
Maybe you are also looking for a cozy café? Why not all in one?
Our shisha bar is everything a shisha bar should be. 
Drop in for an unforgettable experience at “Food Lounge” in Francouzká 4.
Relax in our atmospheric location and enjoy the wide selection of fruity aromas from our hookah pipes in our cozy lounge. Should it get a little cooler at night in Prague, we provide heating.
We even have delicious food for you. 
Food Lounge by SHISHI is the perfect shisha bar in Prague that combines a bar, café, lounge and restaurant.
Our opening times match the lifestyle that is common in a big city like Prague, because our Hookah Café is open for you every day until the early hours of the morning.
Our guests can enjoy their shisha and food in style in the lovely furnishings and the flowery ambience. We even have free wifi just in case you want to check-in on the gram.


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Our offers

If you are still not convinced of our shisha bar, why don’t you drop by?
We are very centrally located and guarantee great vibes and high quality shisha scents!
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Fresh and tangy ingredients make every cocktail in our Shisha Bar an unforgettable and refreshing experience.
Pairs perfectly with our pleasantly scented hookahs.
Our lounge bar with its cozy lounge area offers the perfect setting for a relaxing evening in Prague and we are confident that we will become your favourite place to drop by in Prague. 
So what are you waiting for?
Visit our hookah bar „Food Lounge”
We are looking forward for your visit!


For reservation for more than 10 people appointment, please call us: +420775681910

Lets have a hookah…